Whenever inspection (material, certificates, packing and marking etc.) is required, our quality department coordinates with your assigned inspection-agency. We are following project inspection and test plan daily and our quality control team is planed to do it on time. In our factory, we have our own quality control team to check any step of the product with the Client’s requirement.


Our vendor inspection and surveillance assures compliance and monitors manufacturing processes, while our expediting services help you meet overall project timelines and budgets.

With available specialists, we provide inspection and surveillance on the ground, when and where you need it.


Our experienced and competent quality assurance inspectors can oversee:

       -  Manufacturing processes

       -  Inspection and/or testing of materials

       -  Compliance with company, contractual and regulatory requirements.


What you get:

       -  Factory visits

       -  Mill surveillance

       -  Quality engineering

       -  Effective reporting, production schedule, and criticality ratings

       -  Identification of special test and inspection procedures

       -  Traceability of materials

       -  Qualification of personnel

       -  Early detection of deviations from standard specifications

       -  Monitoring of compliance with standards and procedures

       -  Accurate and timely reporting




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