Inside Blower      


The produced Sodium hypochlorite solution, coming from Generators, together with by-product hydrogen, is sent to the storage tanks. The tanks which are usually constructed in GRP or GRVE, allow hydrogen degassing and dilution with air and provides storage for the produced sodium hypochlorite during continuous dosing.

The hydrogen gas disengages from the liquid phase in the upper part of the tank. One dilution air fan is continuously operating and is common for storage tank with flushing by a continuous stream of air, in order to keep the hydrogen content, inside the tanks and vent pipes at about 1% by volume, i.e. well below dangerous level.



Storage tanks, are installed outdoor. The tanks provide the storage for the produced sodium hypochlorite and in the upper part, the disengagement of hydrogen gas from the liquid phase.

Internal tanks bottom is sloped in order to convey Calcium/Magnesium deposits to the suction of dosing pumps. In fact, deposits are normally discharged by means of dosing pumps.

Dilution blowers are centrifugal type constructed with SS 316 for impeller, Carbon Steel casing with lining of epoxy painting and installed normally outdoor in electro-chlorination packages.

Normally one blower shall be considered in stand-by mode to be in circuit in case of failure of the operating blower(s).

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