Kherad Sanat Mad as the manufacturing arm of Petrosadid Group for mechanical equipment established in 2014. The vision of its Board of Director is to inspire a culture of quality within Iran industry and infrastructure. This was driven by the need for systems engineering together with high quality products and advanced project management concepts to deliver sustainable and effective results in Iran's industries.


Our proprietary technologies systems, integrated expertise and comprehensive solutions,help us to execute our projects economically.


Our integrated team cover full services including engineering, design,  procurement, fabrication and installation of the following packages.

-    Electro-chlorination Package

-    Special Filters

-    Metering Systems




 Javaz2  Javaz1



Due to KSM directors extensive experience in presenting services, considering high demand of the products by Iranian customers in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries, we was assigned to enter in manufacturing business benefiting our reputable partners knowledge which our products had been furnished under their license and engineering advises through understanding of customer demands and close cooperation with end-users. This allows us to efficiently focus our efforts and promptly and flexibly respond to customer requirements.


KSM utilizing Petrosadid experiments in Iranian market, is proposing the most competitive prices with the best quality and optimized delivery time according to the clients requirement. In the other words, the nature of our business is presenting service by recognizing our client's expectations of cost, quality, and efficient service.


We are uniquely positioned to deliver greater efficiency across project lifecycles from engineering and fabrication to project delivery and installation. Through innovative technologies and improved efficiencies, our offers unlock new possibilities for our clients in developing their resources.


We are able to meet the varied requirements of industrial, infrastructure and environmental projects, through forming workable partnerships between local and leading international companies and structuring them in an efficient format, ensuring the correct expertise in each key area essential to project fulfillment. Change is needed, now more than ever.


KSM  is well-positioned to meet the challenge and lead this change. By bringing together complementary skills and innovative technologies, we can boost efficiency, lower costs, and accelerate schedules. Our offerings extend from concept to project delivery and beyond. Whether our clients need an individual operation or an end-to-end solution, we are ready to transform their project and lay the foundation for sustainable success.


We help our customers meet the world’s changing resources and energy needs. Our approach is based on increasing efficiency, sustainability and adding value throughout the package constructions and operation.

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