Our multi-disciplined team of experts works with you to identify, configure and integrate any number of the following systems and services to deliver the right Modular Package solution for you – on time, from the right location and at the right price.


Metering Control Systems

Metering systems are supplied complete with metering control systems to meet the requirements of the project specification, local regulations and national and international standards. Metering control systems comprising flow computers, supervisory computer, PLC where applicable and auxiliary control equipment are integrated into a custom designed metering control panel.


Metering Control Panels

KSM designs, assembles and tests all metering control panels. All control panels are fully tested with the metering package during the factory acceptance tests (FATs) to ensure correct functionality and reliability.

Proving Systems

We have extensive knowledge in all types of meter proving systems.

From the commonly used bi-directional prover to customized solutions for the most challenging applications, we have the experience and expertise to meet your requirements.

Some of our applications include:

  • Bi-directional provers
  • Small volume provers
  • Master metering
  • Water draw calibration systems
  • Portable provers
Proving system



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