Seawater coming to the package is boosted to the required pressure and flow by the proper number of Seawater Booster Pumps and it is kept at a proper pressure. Type of booster pumps are horizontal centrifugal normally but based on project condition can be vertical inline type too.

Considering the capacity of seawater entered to the plant and pumps layout, required flow rate of each pump is calculated. Normally the flow rate of seawater may range from less than 1 m3/hr to more than 5,000 m3/hr.

Booster pumps can be supplied in a wide range of material from GRP, GRVE or GFR to high grade of stainless steel materials based on Client requirements. In case of metal material application, because of brine water media, Duplex or Super Duplex SS is recommended to be resistant against corrosion possibility.

Two operation modes are available on these pumps, which can be selected from HMI, as follows:


Auto mode 

when selected by the operator on HMI, automatic start-up of pump is active. For Auto operation:

a) Before operating the pumps, “DUTY / STAND-BY” pump must be selected, by acting on relevant selector


b) Then pumps are selected “AUTO” through relevant selector switch, to consent pump auto-start.

c) “DUTY” pumps, for example, are started/stopped automatically, by the control system.

d) The isolation hand-valve on suction side of each pump should be opened, by the operator, and should remain always open, unless in case of maintenance.

e) The isolation hand-valve on delivery line of each pump is gradually opened, by the operator, during pump first start-up, shortly after the motor switch-on. Then discharge valve is maintained open at any time. In fact,          when pumps start automatically, their delivery hand-valve is already open.

f) On the contrary, before stopping the pump, e.g. for maintenance, hand valve is gradually closed and the motor is switched off.

Manual mode

When selected by the operator on HMI, operation of the pump is manual only. 


Picture1  Inside booster 1


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