Electro-Chlorination package has been supplied and delivered several times across a variety of applications byKherad Sanat Mad. We combine best manufacturer of EC package with water treatment applications engineering expertise to continuously improve and broaden the technology offering portfolio. KSM brand and its expertise are recognized by all end-users in Iran by its experience in providing an excellent source of water and wastewater treatment with high efficiency and safety of water processes through the application of screening, corrosion control and disinfection technologies.Hypochlorite is the most extensively used of all chemical disinfectants. Long recognized for its extremely low toxicity, deodorizing power, longlasting effect, safe handling and storage possibilities, this powerful germicide has proved ideal for wide variety applications, ranging from everyday household uses (bleaching, cleaning, disinfecting, etc.) to large scale industrial applications, including:

- Bacteria and algae growth control

- Drinking water sterilization

- Sewage disinfection

- Fouling control in water cooling systems

- Industrial waste treatment

- Pool disinfection

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 Electro chlorination 2 Our expertise includes but not limited to on site production of Sodium Hypo-chlorite solution by electrolysis from seawater or brine, desalination and marine facilities, wastewater treatment to supply process water to Oil, Gas and Petrochemical plants and also power plants. Due to collaboration with the best manufacturers of electro-chlorination package, we are able to supply this package ranging from low flow rate (2 kg/h) to high flow rate (900 kg/h) of hypo-chlorine.

Electro-chlorination packages normally consist of Booster Pumps, Sea-water Filters, Electrolyzers as the heart of package, Acid and Degassing Tanks, Blowers, Dosing Pumps and so on. Kherad Sanat Mad is specialist to supply all the package simultaneously; also we are flexible to supply it partially as per Client's requirements even from Iranian manufacturers.



KheradSanat Mad reputable partners will represent the best after sales services in all over the world including a complete handover procedure, which includes on-site testing, commissioning and approval. Based on Client's request, we are able to ask our partners to train end-user operator during and after the contract period.

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Seawater Booster Pump

Auto-Back Wash Filter


Transformer Rectifier

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Hypo-Chlorite Storage Tank and Dilution Blower

Continuous and Shock Dosing Pump



Seawater Intake




Thermal power plants powered by either nuclear energy or fossil fuel located along a seacoast normally use seawater as a coolant in the steam condensers. These are typically once-through cooling water systems.


By controlling the fouling of the steam condensers, the efficiency of power generation can be significantly increased. For example, in a typical 250 MW coal-fired power plant, an increase of 5 mm hg of mercury in condenser back pressure (due to fouling) can cost the utility as much as $250,000 annually in fuel and replacement power costs.


Sodium hypochlorite is introduced into the seawater intake of the power station where it also prevents fouling of the mechanical equipment, such as the seawater circulating pumps, bar screens and band screens of the power plant.




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