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Kherad sanaat is a market-leader in designing and manufacturing of bulk handling equipment and custom-engineered & integrated plant-wide systems. Kherad sanaat products range from individual equipment to automated systems that source bulk material from interior and exterior plant locations, transport it between process equipment and storage vessels, weigh it, blend it, feed it to packaging lines, extruders, molding machines and storage vessels, and load it into railcars and trailers. Kherad sanaat storage and handling systems individually designed for safe, efficient, fully controlled handling of dry bulk materials. With years of design and manufacturing expertise, Kherad sanaat can devise the optimum solution for even the most challenging materials

Whatever your bulk material handling need may be, Kherad Sanaat Systems can help with reliable expertise in: 


Dense phase pneumatic conveying

Silos, Bins, & Hoppers

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying

Big Bag Station

Other Components





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