The operational responsibility for the company’s activities is assigned to the Board of Directors. Forward thinking are also the guidelines of the Board to ensure the continuity and vitality of the company, defining long-term goals and policies to achieve them, providing management advice and feedback and verifying the results to increase the value of the entire company structure.


The Board of Directors is committed to ensure that KSM runs in a sustainable, legal and ethical style worldwide, in accordance with law, people and the environment.


Our people are a primary reason encourage our clients to work with us. Their unique skills and motivation help our clients focus on what they want and build their capability and confidence to create winning firms of the future.


The board of director of KSM Company is as following:



Saeed Aliashrafi, Chairman of the board

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Mr. Aliashrafi as a chemical engineer, is the owner and managing Director of Petrosadid Group. He is also the chairman of the board of KSM Company. He has registered KSM as a subsidiary of Petrosadid Group in 2014. Petrosadid is an engineering and Procurement Company, registered on 2009 to supply high quality equipment with full engineering support for Iranian projects in all industries mainly Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water, Wastewater and Power plant. Prior to joining Petrosadid, Mr. Aliashrafi was managing director of Asia Water company from 2007 to 2009 which is the owner of Bandar Abbas desalination plant. Mr. Aliashrafi had served on South Pars Gas Field Development Phases 15 and 16 as an Engineering Manager of Seawater Intake & Desalination Unit from Jan 2005 through  Feb 2007. He was also managing director of Axon Sima Part Company from Aug 2005 to Jan 2007 which is an Engineering Consultancy in utility projects.


Ebrahim Torabian, Managing Director

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Mr. Torabian as a mechanical engineer is the managing director and member of the board in KSM Company. He also is a technical sales manager of the Petrosadid Group as a mother company of KSM. He has worked at basic and detail design, bidders evaluation, tender stage and procurement engineering for wide range of equipment such as  pumps, compressors, loading arms, buoy mooring, air and nitrogen generator packages in different projects such as Kish Gas Field Development plant, Kavian Petrochemical Plant, Phases 15&16, 17&18, 13 and 22~24 of South Pars Gas field developments, Kangan Petro-refining Company, Kharg Gas gathering and NGL Recovery Plant and NGL 3200. During 12 years of working as a mechanical engineer, engineering manager, sales manager and project coordinator, he could extend his professional experiences and now he has an effective role in Petrosadid group and other affiliated companies.


Davood Seydi, Engineering Manager

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Mr. Seydi as a process engineer is the engineering manager of KSM. Mr. Seydi joined KSM in 2014. Prior to joining KSM, Mr. Seydi was a Process Expert at an Iranian catalyst and chemicals manufacturer from 2011 to 2013. Mr. Seydi had served on Chemical and Nano-Material manufacturer from May 2013 to Nov 2014 as a Technical & Production Expert.


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