KSM's services include upstream, midstream and downstream facilities located onshore, offshore and deepwater, in extremely challenging climate and terrains.

We provide our customer with our high quality equipment in order to help them identify best quality work better with final bright conclusion. 

We have long-term alliances with many of our customers through our customer support team to ensure that our commitment is long term and where possible, help our customers achieve profitability and gain efficiency from their older assets and promote much leaner and less bureaucratic processes to ensure business integrity.


Subsea & Floating Systems

KSM provides all requirements from equipment, piping material and instruments to submarine cables and hydraulic packagesin deepwater solutions. Our service includes concept selection, engineering design, inspections and testing, shipping, installation support, start-up and operation of floating systems of all types.

Sulphur Technology

We can provide all requirements of best-in-class Sulphur technology, including towers, adsorbents, machinery equipment and all material range of piping and instrumentation. 

Offshore Topsides & Fixed Substructures

From the largest integrated mega-decks to the smallest wellhead platforms, our knowledge and experience ensures we deliver maximum value to our customers. 

Oil & gas Refinery

KSM  based on its knowledge and experiences provides end-to-end services to its  customers and is able to increase productivity and improve the performance of oil and gas processing plants.


At KSM, our expert team understand the entire LNG value chain, associated technologies and local requirements, and combine this expertise with their technology approach.

For all aspects of liquefaction and regasification projects. From transportation pipelines and pre-treatment facilities to liquefaction and regasification modules and storage terminals, whether onshore or offshore, including all associated infrastructure and environmental services, regardless of throughput capacity.


Our range of activity in Petrochemical Plants includes but is not limited to: synthesis gas based products including ammonia, methanol and their derivatives; ethylene and derivatives; propylene, including on-purpose and methanol based routes, and derivatives; C4 monomers; aromatics; oxides, glycols and polyols and derivatives; chlor-alkali, ethylene dichloride, vinyl chloride monomer, and polyvinyl chloride; polyolefins – solution, slurry and gas phase; alpha olefins and poly alpha olefins; polyethylene terephthalate – bottles and fiber; polystyrene – general purpose, high impact and expandable; styrenics – such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, acrylonitrile-styrene, and acrylonitrile styrene acrylate; specialty polymers including poly-oxymethylene, super absorbent polymers and poly-methylmetacrylate; and nylon 6, 6-6 and intermediates.



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